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Sharing know-how for digital transformation workshop

20/Apr/2021 12:59:47 In Guest Posts
We were delighted to deliver a workshop on the importance of know-how as part of the Digital Transformation Summit at Digital Health Rewired 2021.

FCI 2021 Membership Survey

12/Apr/2021 16:21:33 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
Today the Faculty of Clinical Informatics launches its annual membership survey for 2021.

The FCI survey our membership each year to find out your experience of Faculty membership, what you’re happy with, what you’d like to see in future and what you think our priorities should be.

Dame Fiona Caldicott – In Memoriam

26/Mar/2021 13:41:10 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
It is with great sadness that we learnt of the death of Dame Fiona Caldicott on 15th February 2021. Here, FCI members pay tribute.

FCI Consulting… and an exciting opportunity to lead the service!

26/Mar/2021 12:19:34 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
The Faculty has been providing expert consultancy services to a range of stakeholders since its inception, acting as a well-trusted organisation to deliver high quality outputs matched to the clients’ specific requirements.

The FCI’s Professional Competencies for Clinical Informaticians – an update

26/Mar/2021 12:09:26 In Guest Posts
Alan Hassey and Lydia Jidkov give an update on the FCI's Core Competency Framework for clinical informaticians

Watch FCI webinars on joining the Faculty and becoming a clinical informatician

15/Mar/2021 10:19:54 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
The Faculty of Clinical informatics (FCI) have held recent webinar sessions to offer guidance on applying to the Faculty, and advice on getting into a career in clinical informatics.

Meet our featured member for February... Peggy Edwards

10/Mar/2021 12:10:18 In Guest Posts
We are delighted to introduce our featured member for February - Peggy Edwards, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. Peggy kindly took the time to speak with us about how she got involved in informatics and the key aspects of her work.

Re-imagining health and care services following COVID19

10/Mar/2021 11:44:03 In Guest Posts
Ijeoma Azodo reports on last year's roundtable discussion on the COVID-19 pandemic led by the FCI

Patient-reported outcomes and the importance of data standards

26/Feb/2021 12:42:28 In Guest Posts
Sally Lewis & Said Shadi from NHS Wales give an overview of patient-recorded outcome measures

The FCI at Digital Health Rewired, 15-19 March 2021

25/Feb/2021 16:27:54 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
Zaki Almallah gives a rundown of FCI participation at Rewired

Core Competency Framework: turning plans into actions

25/Feb/2021 14:30:53 In Guest Posts
Vaibhav Joshi provides updates on the CFWG’s work and next steps

Obituary - Dr Julian Costello

25/Feb/2021 09:54:57 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
Dr Julian Costello was a GP, clinical informatician and FCI Founding Fellow. Robert Treharne Jones looks back on the life of Julian Costello.

Faculty of Clinical Informatics & National School of Healthcare Science launch bursary scheme

09/Feb/2021 12:54:23 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
The Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) and Health Education England’s National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS) are pleased to announce a joint venture to fund Faculty membership for healthcare scientists working in or interested in clinical informatics.

UKFCI 2nd Annual Scientific Conference – 1st July 2021

05/Feb/2021 15:45:01 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
After a successful first conference in 2020, plans are underway for the 2021 UKFCI Annual Scientific Conference to be held on 1st July as a virtual event. We are now inviting the submission of abstracts both for presentation in the main programme and for poster presentations.

Meet our featured member for January... William Priestley

05/Feb/2021 10:49:41 In Guest Posts
We are pleased to introduce our featured member for January William Priestley, a Dental Advisor at the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics is now accepting applications for new Members and Fellows, for a limited time only

01/Feb/2021 09:51:56 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
Building a network of clinical informaticians across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland & England through a shared passion for informatics

Core Competency Framework: The (hard) working group!

27/Jan/2021 14:08:22 In Guest Posts
Tejal Shah gives an update on progress from the FCI Competency Framework Working Group

FCI Webinar, "Why We Must Share Knowledge More to Allow Digital Transformation” with Ben Bridgewater, Thursday 14th January 2021

26/Jan/2021 15:55:55 In Guest Posts
This FCI Webinar focused on an interview by Sue Lacey Bryant with Professor Ben Bridgewater.

HEE and NHSX recruiting a Clinical Fellow for AI and Workforce

19/Jan/2021 16:58:14 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
Health Education England and NHSX are hiring a new Clinical Fellow for AI & Workforce, a great opportunity for a clinician with an interest and experience in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Medicine.

Faculty of Clinical Informatics hold virtual Members Conference and first AGM

21/Dec/2020 12:09:33 In Faculty Of Clinical Informatics News
On 15th December, the Faculty successfully held their second Annual Members Conference and first ever Annual General Meeting to around 170 members.